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Democracy in the energy sector – now!

On the first day of cadency of the new Parliament – the Sejm and the Senate of the Republic of Poland – Zieloni remind new deputies to put Poland on the path of a low-carbon and low-emission economy that ensures social and ecological security. Poles should, like a growing number of citizens in other countries across Europe, have an opportunity to change from traditional energy sources to clean and cheap renewable energy from different local resources. Zieloni will plead for the cooperation with all deputies in the Parliament for whom sustainable development is an important constitutional order in Poland and modern green economy and green energy production form the base for this development. Also regional MPs and local councilors of Zieloni elected in 2010 will undertake actions for building a truly democratic energy system.
“Polish women and men having been once energy consumers now become more and more pro-sumers what means both producers and consumers. It helps to make energy production more democratic in Poland. Polish wind, Polish sun, Polish biomass or Polish biogas shall become a Polish raisone de etat and a priority for the new parliament and government – we shall choose renewable energy sources that create hundreds of thousands of local jobs as energy effectiveness sector develops and gives the impulse for local economy development – said Dariusz Szwed, President of Zieloni. It is essential to adopt a bill on renewable energies and an update of Energy Policy Poland 2030, which after 4 years is obsolete especially the excerpts concerning the reality of social, technological and energy systems of Poland and Europe. However, in spite of the government of Prime Minister Donald Tusk assuring that energy security is also an important priority to the Polish EU Presidency – it turns out opposite – the role the Polish government is taking on is limited to blocking EU initiatives like the Energy Roadmap 2050” – added Szwed.
“The Climate-energy package and other UE regulations are important documents to help foster a transition into a society that wisely and effectively uses natural resources for development of the present and future generations. Paradoxically it is the „black” Silesia that holds an enormous potential to move towards green energy – of creating thousands safe jobs and helps limit the damage caused to the environment”– said Małgorzata Tkacz-Janik, President of Zieloni 2004, regional MP of the Silesia region. “Here, in Silesia, new factories of solar panels are constructed and automotive industry can start the production of ecological cars – an important element of a decentralized energy production system. It is essential for regional authorities to cooperate with innovative business, trade unions, academic centres and NGOs – we need a green roundtable for sustainable development of Silesia” – concluded Tkacz-Janik.

During the programmatic congress in September 2011 Zieloni have adopted a bill „Zielona polityka energetyczno-klimatyczna” (Green energy and climate policy). The most important statements in the bill are:

-to withdraw from the Polish programme of building nuclear power plants
-to pass a bill supporting the development of decentralized energy production

-to amend the energy efficiency bill
-to amend tthe regulations concerning energy effectiveness concerning new buildings

-to amend the income tax regulations and introduce a tax reduction for construction and renewal of projects that improve energy efficiency and promote the use of renewable energy sources

to create a legal framework that guarantees the use of funds from CO2 emission trade for the development of decentralized energy production facilities using local renewable energy sources, as well as promoting actions concerning energy efficiency and modernization of the grid system as well as the development of intelligent energy production networks in Poland.
to prepare and adopt a national programme of energy grid modernization aimed at developing a decentralized pro-sument energy production.
The participation in the preparation phase of the new EU financial perspective, so that future funds for 2014-2020 support to a larger extent the improvement of energy efficiency and decentralized energy production based on renewable energy sources.
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