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Partia Zielonych 2004
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"On the Chancellery of the Prime Minister the flag of the European Union is flapping proudly next to the Polish flag. Polish government has still not introduced the European regulations concerning equal treatment that are legally binding in the whole EU. This implies that Poland is in danger of paying fines up to hundreds of thousand of euro for every day when antidiscriminatory policies are not enforced", Dariusz Szwed, a chair of Greens 2004 said. "However, those fines, though multimillion, are not of primary significance. Countries with the best antidiscriminatory law, like Sweden, are simply developing better, because equality of all citizens, a high level of tolerance and trust are the basis of a social capital, and this conditions a sustainable development and a high quality of life - for everyone. For this reason: either Radziszewska or tolerance, Tusk must choose", Szwed concluded.

"Lack of antidiscriminatory legislation, antiabortion law which deprives women of a proper health and life protection, lack of sexual education and frightening children with homosexuality - those are only some of Minister's sins that were pointed out by NGOs in relation to a periodic report to UN Commitee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the end of the last year. Nothing has changed since then. Those reports were handed over to the Committee by Polish Federation for Women and Family Planning, Women's Rights Centre and Campaign Against Homophobia. Still it is not known how the government plans to control the backstreet abortion industry which jeopardizes women's health and life. Still unanswered is also the question of why, except for the employment code, there is no antidiscriminatory legislation compliant with the EU law. As a matter of urgency we will contact the Green Group in the European Parliament on this matter. Instead of fulfilling antidiscriminatory aims Minister Radziszewska is seeking for a justification of discrimination", Małgorzata Tkacz-Janik, a chair of Greens 2004, summed up.

On Friday, Greens 2004 together with the Women's Party and the Left Democratic Alliance sent an open letter to the Prime Minister Donald Tusk concerning the dismissal of Minister Elżbieta Radziszewska.
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